Piano tuition for adults

Step by step you will learn to play the piano in a free style in my online course without reading music – even as a beginner!
  • Ideal for adults
  • Easy learning at home
  • In only 8 months
  • Exclusively with pop music
  • Success concept developed by a professional
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Dear piano fan,

perhaps you recognize yourself in one of the following sentences:

  • „I always wanted to learn to play the piano.”
  • „I would like to learn to accompany myself.“
  • „I would like to be able to play my favorite songs.“

There are many adults who have expressed one of these wishes, but unfortunately only a small number of them actually take up some action and fulfill their ideal!
Why is that? Do you think you are too old? You are afraid of not having enough time to practice? My opinion:

Anyone can learn to play the piano, you only have to want to enough – age plays no role whatsoever!!

With this PopPianoCourse, I am providing you a cheaper alternative to conventional piano tuition. Here you will learn step by step how to play the piano without reading music. In only a few months, you will even be able to listen to songs and accompany them independently on the piano.

In the following two video examples, you can first gain an impression of my piano style. Here I also play the songs without sheet music:

The piano – an instrument of many facets

Learning to play the piano is an excellent idea as piano playing is equivalent to musical brain jogging. It trains our brain and also has a tranquillizing effect on our spirit and soul. The piano is a chord instrument which is the most versatile of all. Its sound is beneficial and pleasant and there is no need for constant tuning or embouchure practice like on a wind instrument. It is never too late to learn the piano. The most important factor is to enjoy playing. You will see: piano playing will improve your quality of life!
If you are still somewhat doubtful, I would like to reassure you, as…

…playing the piano is stimulating and relaxing!

Reduce stress through playing the piano! When you are practicing and playing, you are simultaneously employing the fast reactions of several different senses. Our brain is forced to block out all external influences to be able to concentrate fully on playing.
As a result, the music is placed at the center of our attention. It distracts us and we forget our everyday stress. Music alone is able to awake our emotions. If you are actually playing an instrument yourself, you sense the emotions of a song far more intensively than just listening. This helps you to process feelings better. After playing, you will feel much more well-balanced than before.

Playing the piano not only has positive effects on our “spiritual well-being”, but also on the response capacity of our brain. Studies show that playing the piano stimulates the cooperation between the two halves of our brain: creative and more networked thinking is the pleasant result of conscientious practice.

In the diagram on the left (source: faz.net), you will see how the activities of parts of the brain are transformed through listening (ear) and playing (hand) over time.

If you are interested in this topic, I also have an interesting (german) article for you:
From the FAZ: “Whoever wants to hear, must also feel“.

…you have enough time!

If you don’t have much free time, this will not be a problem with the PopPianoCourse as you will remain flexible. There are no fixed dates with a private teacher and no fixed lesson times. You have access to each of the activated lessons day and night (for at least 8 months). You also save on traveling time as you can work through the learning material at your will from home.

You should invest some time for practice to be able to make progress. This only requires sufficient motivation and pleasure in playing. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

…humans remain capable of learning throughout their life!

Ralf Krampe, Professor of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at the University of Leuven/Belgium says: “You can train your brain like a muscle your whole life long.“

While you are playing the piano, activity patterns in your brain are being transformed. The synapses of the ear and hand regions develop new networks. Further practice stabilizes these connections within a period of three to five weeks and what you have learned becomes a skill. The interaction between connectedness and stabilization in the brain is termed plasticity. This process slows down over time particularly in the learning of new movement sequences from the age of ca. 30 upwards.

Adults however learn through comprehension. What children achieve through playful experimentation can be compensated for by adults through active learning and life experience. You recognize that adults learn in a different manner to children. The learning process of an adult has a greater degree of flexibility. Abilities increase at an irregular rate: sometimes swiftly, but they can sometimes also stagnate, whereas in children they normally tend to increase in a linear fashion.

What is however ultimately important is the pleasure of practicing to remain in possession of the ball. It is vital not to be too hard on yourself. Set out realistic goals – aiming to become a professional pianist could be slightly tricky 🙂

Playing without sheet music in the PopPianoCourse will help you in your practice. In pop music, it is not absolutely necessary to read music to be able to play songs. Note to absolute beginners: learning to read music is not part of the course! You will not be sight-reading from music, but can concentrate on listening and understanding – a fundamental milestone in the acquisition and application of basic music theory.

…you can play confidently with the PopPianoCourse and achieve progress!

You will certainly profit from your ambition and commitment while practicing. Once you have made a start, you will find that the song examples in the learning videos are often not as hard to play as they sound. The piano is the perfect instrument for beginners! You do not have to worry about tuning or have a perfect touch to achieve a good sound.

In addition, the keyboard allows you to perceive musical structures more clearly. The PopPianoCourse is also suitable for complete beginners. You will learn the essential basics of music theory relevant to piano playing logically step by step, explained first in theory and then through practical demonstration. You will receive a new lesson every two weeks over a period of eight months. In my capacity as experienced music teacher, I would recommend that you practice for 30 minutes every day. If eight months is too short, you will be able to extend the course on a monthly basis.

You should not be ashamed of asking the following question: „How did that go again??“
You are able to rewind the teaching video to repeat complicated content as often as you wish. Students utilizing the “video teaching” medium are often less inhibited as the teacher is not sitting right behind the piano stool and watching your fingers. You might think that communication could be somewhat limited in this form of teaching. However: you are welcome to write me an e-mail at any time if you have problems of comprehension or any other unanswered questions.
You will also receive numerous additional tips on my web site to extend your knowledge even further.

I hope that I have been able to dispel all your doubts and will have the privilege of providing you with support on your path towards becoming a pianist!

I wish you great pleasure in practicing.

Learn how to play piano by ear!