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These are my “students’” comments on the course…

— The following comments were written by some german users of the course:

Caroline K. wrote on 03-16-2014:

Hello Florian,
I have been playing the piano for 10 years now and have had piano lessons for 8 of these years. Unfortunately, nobody was able to teach me what I really wanted to learn during this time: playing the piano without music, improvising and playing by ear. I began very early on to play back songs through trial and error, but without the right “tools”, this was very difficult and I soon lost all motivation to play the piano. My piano lessons also merely consisted of playing pieces with the comments “that is right and that is wrong” which I could hear myself. 😉
After an extended search on Youtube for tutorials, I discovered your videos and was immediately fired with enthusiasm! This was just what I’d been looking for! Your way of playing the piano is completely different from what I’d experienced before and spurred me on to play in the same way! I can really recommend the course to anyone who thinks the same way as I do! And now that I have worked through your course, I have progressed a giant step ahead on the path to my objectives! Thank you very much and a great compliment to you! The course is extremely well constructed and I find it especially good that you refer back to earlier elements in each new video and also repeat the structure of certain chords etc. which increases the learning effect and develops more confidence 🙂 I have learned much more from this course than from my many previous years of piano lessons and now always look forward to practicing! Thanks so much for having given me back my enjoyment of piano playing, enabling me to have much more fun than ever before! Great compliments to you and also to the course support team which swiftly solved a technical problem in a friendly manner! Thanks – keep up the good work!
My very best regards and keep it up!

Lisa R. wrote on 03-13-2014:

Hi Florian,
I think your course is absolutely super and a really great alternative to piano teachers who only teach the same old things. I find your approach really practical and hope that you will have great success in providing the course for a long period. Best regards and all the best,

Jan S. wrote on 03-05-2014:

Your course is really great!!! Keep up the good work!

Helma wrote on 12-28-2013:

Hello Florian,
I have been playing the piano from music for a long time. I enjoy playing, but practicing has never been much fun. Since starting your course, things have changed completely. Now practicing is really good fun!!! The course has given me a completely new insight into playing the piano. Have now reached lesson 12, I think that by the end of the course I should be able to create independent accompaniments (am already quite successful), but would be really pleased if there was a follow-up course. A further source of motivation was your piano playing: simply brilliant…Best regards

Farid A. wrote on 12-25-2013:

Loved your tutorial very much! I think I’ll apply german version of lessons cause I’m interested in what you are talking about 🙂

Uwe M. wrote on 11-28-2013 (on Facebook):

Great online course. Was great fun. Can really recommend it…Keep up the good work…

Georg B. wrote on 11-27-2013:

Hello Florian,
I find your course very good.
The cherry on the cake would have been to have also offered a version with sheet music. […] Would welcome a follow-up course.
Best regards,

Karin L. wrote on 09-13-2013:

Hello Florian,
I share the views of Dr. Konrad P. regarding the pianistic content!
Perhaps it is unusual that you can also bring joy to a pensioner with your course. Thanks a lot! Your patient playing is new to me and is exactly what I needed.
Kind regards,
Karin L.

Andreas H. wrote on 09-13-2013

Hello Florian,
Many thanks for your super tutorial on “Get Lucky”!
Last Saturday, I played this piece at the beginning of my brother’s wedding and everyone thought it was great!
I found the tutorial to be really well structured. At the beginning, I had to make quite an effort to get on completely without sheet music, but it worked out really well. Now I am considering starting your 8-month piano course…
Greetings from Switzerland,

Daniela W. wrote on 09-02-2013:

Hello Florian,
[…]I am really enthusiastic and practice the first song “I Need A Dollar” every evening. In a short time, I have understood more than in all my music lessons at school which were admittedly quite a while ago. You are very good at communicating everything. But I don’t need to tell you that!
Best regards,

Sam wrote on 08-10-2013:

Wow! I am really inspired. I developed an interest in piano playing a few years ago and up until now only made very slow progress as nobody explained to me how to go about it properly (only played out of interest and never got around to taking piano lessons).
I noticed myself how stiff I sometimes was when playing and now realize that I should do more practice rather than just playing. You have certainly given me additional motivation to change my playing and make progress. I must pay you a compliment! Not everyone can do that.
I was and still am totally amazed how stimulating your tips are and that I immediately want to begin playing.
Yours, Sam

Dr. Konrad P. wrote on 07-22-2013:

Dear Florian,
Thanks so much for your excellent course. I have always had ambitions to play classical music as far back as I can remember, have learned the piano and am still having lessons at the music institute in Erlangen, participate intensely within the area of chamber music, also with music teacher colleagues; your course has at last provided me with the insight into pop music – or as we oldies would say – light music.
Your course is didactically well structured and concentrated participation is absolutely vital from the middle lessons onwards. It is very clear that you have extensive teaching experience and the exercises are easy to follow on screen.
All in all, I am completely satisfied with the course which must have been hard work to compile. […] Thanks once more for your current course which I would wholeheartedly recommend. Friendly greetings from Erlangen

Cafeleche wrote on 05-29-2013

Have downloaded your tutorial and am totally enthusiastic! 🙂
Thumbs up!!

Stephanie K. wrote on 02-27-2013 (on Facebook):

Thanks for the amazing course concept! Have only started today, but have already practiced your theory lesson avidly.
Find your practical demonstration and instructions absolutely super. Have learned more in the last couple of hours from you than in six months at a music school 😉 And I know what I am talking about: I learned the recorder as a child although I always really wanted to learn the piano…
And my husband has survived the ordeal without his ears bleeding 😉

Peter S. wrote on 02-03.2013:

Hi Florian!!
First of all, a great COMPLIMENT and RESPECT for your fantastic ideas and musical ability! […] Keep up the good work – I am sure you are inspiring and motivating an unbelievable number of people!
I am among them! 🙂
With cordial greetings from Vienna – Peter

Patric W. wrote on 12-09-2012:

Hello Florian,
First of all, thank you for having undertaken the great effort to make this type of course available via internet. I am a “hobby pianist” with little free time and cannot manage regular lessons with fixed times and this is how I discovered your course. I can now practice in my limited leisure time and have already been able to learn a lot from your videos…

Claudia B. wrote on 12-05-2012:

Hello Florian,
First of all, thank you for your piano course. You explain everything so well and comprehensibly.
There is however a lot I still find too difficult, but I expect in time with a lot of practice that things will become easier…

Sandra wrote on 12-03-2012:

Hello Florian,
You have already helped me more than any other teacher! Super!
It is a great pleasure to learn with you!
Yours, Sandra


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