Learn how to play piano by ear!


How much does the PopPianoCourse cost?

The PopPianoCourse costs $24.79 a month in the subscription model and $149.70 for the complete package with an access time of 8 months.

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How long is the course?

The course is divided into 17 lessons. Each lesson covers the contents of 2-3 piano lessons.
You should need an estimated practice period of ca. 2 weeks for each lesson.
This means that the PopPianoCourse can be worked through within a period of 8 months.

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Can I use the PopPianoCourse for longer than 8 months?

Of course!
Two weeks prior to expiry of your access period, you will receive notification via e-mail. This notification will explain how you can extend your access time on a monthly basis.

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Do new songs regularly appear in the PopPianoCourse?

No. The example songs in the PopPianoCourse are deliberately selected to harmonize with the appropriate topics of the lessons and are arranged in ascending order of difficulty. The songs are also not the primary focus, but more what you can learn from these songs and apply to other songs. For this reason, the example songs are not changed.

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Can I use the course on an iPad or tablet?

Yes. The PopPianoCourse runs on all currently established tablets, for example iPad, Nexus or Surface.

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Can I watch the videos as often as I want?

Yes. As long as you have access to the members’ area of the PopPianoCourse, you can watch all the activated videos as often as you wish.

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Can I save the course videos on my PC?

No. The course videos are only available via video-streaming.

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Can I interrupt or take a break from my access?

Yes! Extended periods can occur during which you have no time for practice (e.g. due to business trips or vacations).
In this case, you can interrupt your access. All you have to do is to send me a message via the contact form telling me when you would like to interrupt the course. The access will then be paused until you send e-mail notification that you would like to continue.

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Is the piano tuition in the PopPianoCourse also suitable for children?

Yes and no. As I provide a large volume of learning material in the PopPianoCourse, the knowledge is very compressed. This requires a certain degree of knowledge transfer and self-structuring during the learning period. It therefore depends on independence and additionally application and motivation.
For this reason, I would recommend the course for persons of 14 years upwards.

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I have registered for the course but have not received access data. What should I do?

In seldom cases, it can happen that our automatically dispatched e-mails containing the access data are not delivered. There are several reasons for this, e.g. a typing error in the e-mail address, full e-mail mailboxes or providers’ automatic spam filters.
Should you not have received an e-mail with your access data within several hours after submitting your order via Digistore24, we would ask you to observe the following:
1. First check whether the e-mail has perhaps landed in a spam file (this can happen in e-mail programs such as Outlook or Mail and also on the provider’s webmail interface).
2. Check if you have perhaps stored an old or alternative e-mail address on your PayPal account.
3. Please check if the storage space in your e-mail mailbox is perhaps full, preventing you from receiving any further e-mails. If this is the case, you only need to delete a few old e-mails to make room for new ones.
4. In all cases, send us an e-mail via your verified active e-mail account and/or via our contact form describing your problem. Please always include your name, your correct e-mail address and also a telephone number so that we can still contact you if necessary should the required data still not arrive.

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Why do I not see all lessons?

If you have ordered the subscription model, you will only receive access to a new course lesson every 14 days.

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My videos don’t start or do not run smoothly: why?

One reason for running problems could be an uncommon web browser. For this reason, please run the course if possible on one of the customarily used browsers such as “Mozilla Firefox”, “Chrome” or “Internet Explorer”.
All course videos run via video stream. In the case of particularly slow internet connections, the videos will need a longer loading time. If this is the case, it is helpful to start the video and then activate the pause button. Then do not close the video but wait for a few minutes until the video has loaded in the cache and then it should run smoothly. The videos run without problems via DSL connection with a minimum of 6000 kbit/s!

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Is there an access restriction for IP addresses?

Yes. You can utilize your PopPianoCourse account from a maximum of 10 different nets (from 10 different IP addresses) every day. If there are more nets, the account will not function again until the following day. This is a security precaution.

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Can you learn to play by ear in the PopPianoCourse?

As far as playing by ear is concerned, my philosophy is that you need to understand basic musical foundations to be able to hear them in new songs. This is why I explain everything in detail. In my opinion, aural training is not absolutely necessary, but you should instead attempt to understand the songs and search for the topics learned in new songs. This will improve aural ability.

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Will I receive the sheet music for the songs in your course?

In my course, I do not teach using sheet music, but with chord symbols. You will therefore receive so-called lead sheets to the songs and I will explain how to work with them. There is no printed music.

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I have problems playing with both hands. What can I do?

First of all, you should practice with each hand separately. When you put both hands together, concentrate on the following:
1) Whatever you are playing, play it all slowly – in real slow motion. You have to give your brain time to get used to doing different things with each hand.
2) Make it clear to yourself with each sequence whether both hands play simultaneously or consecutively and practice these sequences individually.
3) Once playing with both hands together works reasonably well, concentrate the first time through on the right hand and the second time round on the left hand. This is good for training the independence of both hands and also allows you to see which passages you still have problems with.

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What do I need exercises for and what exercises can I practice?

If you practice scales and chords, you are working on two primary areas. On the one hand, you are training your fingers to develop strength and be able to play faster and with greater precision. For this purpose it is best to practice scales in numerous different variations. Always start with just one octave ascending and descending. The fingering here is also very important. Once you have mastered that, you can extend this to two, three or even four octaves, but only bit by bit.

What you are also learning is to find your way swiftly around a particular key. You should therefore always be aware what notes and chords are used in a particular key. If you are already practicing scales to improve your technique, you should simultaneously become aware of which key you are playing in and what notes are contained in this particular key.

Practicing chords helps you even more with the orientation within a specific key. It is best to proceed as follows: first practice all triads which occur in a single key consecutively, ideally with all their inversions. This should be worked through in different keys. Then you should establish which chords are the principal steps (this is extremely important). Once you have mastered this, you can write down a random chord sequence and attempt to find the right chords swiftly.

Well, you now have quite a lot to practice. Initially, it sounds somewhat mathematical, but if you are able to find the chords easily, you will be able to learn the songs far quicker and have even more fun playing!! I promise you 🙂

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What equipment do I need for the PopPianoCourse?

Detailed information on the topic of equipment can be found in my piano tips under “Tip 7: Tips on the topic of equipment”.

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What sort of keyboard will allow me to learn the piano best?

In principle, a piano is best for learning the piano. 🙂 An E-piano will however function equally well for the purpose of my course. You should however make sure that the keyboard is of good quality. It should not have too light a touch as this would reduce the “training effect”. In the beginning, you will find playing more strenuous until you have become accustomed to it, but the “effort” will definitely be worth it. 🙂

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Can I also participate in the PopPianoCourse using a keyboard (61 keys)?

In principle, a keyboard can be used with certain limitations. I occasionally play low notes which are probably not included on this type of instrument, but that is not a big problem.
What is less advantageous is that you will not be playing on a proper piano keyboard like on the E-piano. For the course itself, this aspect is not relevant, but is important for your piano playing in general. For this reason, I would recommend that you continue working with the keyboard until you find you have exhausted its limits. You can then think about making a new purchase.

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I have no room for a piano, but would like to take part in the course. What can I do?

In this case, I would recommend that you buy an E-piano without a fixed mounted stand. You can then set up the E-piano to be played on a so-called “X stand“. After playing, you can store the piano in a vertical position, e.g. leaning against a cupboard, either in its soft case or unpacked. It is easy to fold up the X stand. This means you don’t need much space for your practice. A further space-saving tip is to purchase an E-piano with a built-in speaker so that you do not need a separate amplifier.

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How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your course subscription at any time. You simply send written cancellation (by letter or e-mail) to our distribution partner “Clickbank”.
For the fastest customer service, please provide your e-mail address used for the PopPianoCourse and your ClickBank Order Number (you got by e-mail).
Please visit the following link and write a new support ticket with your cancellation.


If you have any problems cancelling your subscription please contact the support!

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Learn how to play piano by ear!