Learn how to play piano by ear

In my online course, you will learn how easy it is to play your favorite songs in a free style on the piano.
  • Exclusively with pop music
  • Easy learning at home
  • In only 8 months
  • Fast & effective
  • Success concept developed by a professional
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Learn how to play piano by ear now!

Dear piano fan,

Have you always dreamt of being able to play your favorite songs on the piano without great difficulty, but have never managed to realize your dream? I can help you make your musical dream come true.

My name is Florian Mohr and I would like to show you my PopPianoCourse. I studied classical piano, jazz piano and pop piano and am now a teacher at the University of Music in Würzburg. During my musical career as pianist and keyboarder, I have performed in hundreds of concerts.

You can watch the two video examples to get an initial impression of my piano style and my music:

Learning how to play piano by ear – you can do it too!

Perhaps you have already taken a quick look at my videos. Everything you heard there can be played without sheet music!
A lot of my pupils come to me with similar problems which I have thought about for a long time and which ultimately prompted me to develop the PopPianoCourse.
Perhaps you have the same problems as many of my previous pupils:

  • You would like to accompany your favorite songs on the piano, but don’t know how to go about it?
  • You are not keen on normal piano tuition because nobody can teach you what you really want to learn?
  • You have been practicing for a while on the piano or keyboard, but have made little progress mainly because you have little knowledge of essential musical concepts?
  • You are tired of having to buy sheet music to be able to play pop and rock songs and would much prefer simply to be able to play along without being dependent on a musical text?
  • You are on the search for a less expensive alternative to a music school or private teacher?
  • You have always been prevented from taking up the best hobby in the world by the statement: “I’ll never be able to succeed anyway”?

In my PopPianoCourse, I have developed a learning concept enabling you to work professionally right from the start.

The progressively structured learning units are built up methodically and are based on 20 years of practical experience as a musician and 10 years of experience as a piano teacher.

The special factor is that the course contents are not merely explained with the aid of exercises, but are also demonstrated on a practical level with well-known songs as examples.

You will learn the following songs in the PopPianoCourse:

  • I Need A Dollar (Aloe Blacc)
  • No One (Alicia Keys)
  • Apologize (One Republic)
  • Empire State Of Mind (Alicia Keys)
  • Just Like A Pill (Pink)
  • Ride Like The Wind (Christopher Cross)
  • If I Ain’t Got You (Alicia Keys)
  • Easy (Lionel Richie)
  • The Way It Is (Bruce Hornsby)
  • Far Away (Nickelback)

This will enable you to become a pianist after only 17 lessons:

When I began to develop the course, I had to decide whether it would be possible to learn a free style of playing on the piano without prior knowledge, or whether I should develop the course exclusively for more advanced students.
I decided that it was particularly important to teach the free style to anyone who was willing to learn from beginners to more advanced students. This is why I developed a model to make this possible!

The facts of the PopPianoCourse:

  • The course consists of 17 lessons – subtitled video tutorials (online stream, German voice / English subtitles) and accompanying tuition material in PDF format
  • One lesson includes the content of at least 2-3 piano lessons.
  • One new lesson every 14 days – during this period you have plenty of time to become familiar with the content.*
  • Practice time: ca. half an hour every day should be sufficient, but experience shows that many students practice longer. 😉
  • All topics are explained from a theoretical aspect on the video and demonstrated in practical form.
  • The example songs are worked through completely, meaning that by the end of a lesson you will be able to play an entire song without help.
  • Everything you have learned in the course can be easily adapted to new pieces or even your own compositions.
  • E-mail support and help with questions or problems is offered.

*Not applicable for the complete package.

This way you will become progressively more competent on the piano and are simultaneously receiving a sound musical education which will lead you step by step towards your goal.

The 17 lessons of the PopPianoCourse in detail:

To give you an initial impression of what your future piano lessons could be like, the best thing is to simply take a look.

This example video shows you a short extract from lesson 5 from the course.

Here you can see an example of the tuition material.

In the following summary, you can find out more about the individual lessons and their content:

1) Basic knowledge (important for beginners!)

Firstly, I will explain the absolute basics simply and easy to understand so that you can find your way around the piano. This will cover names of the notes, intervals, scales and basic chords and exercises to help you become familiar with all this material.

2) Basics of rhythm (important for beginners!)

I will then explain note values, tempo and measures and show you exercises which will help you train your timing.

3) Groove piano

Here I will show you the first steps of “groove” on the piano. The song “I need a Dollar” (Aloe Black) serves as a good example, providing you with a wide scope.

4) Piano ballads 1

In this unit, you will learn how to spread chords and I will show you the most popular accompanying styles for ballads on the piano. For this purpose, I have selected the song “No One” (Alicia Keys).

5) Piano ballads 2

To broaden your experience, we will devote ourselves to more advanced accompanying styles for piano ballads using the song “Apologize” (One Republic).

6) The lead sheet – this is how professionals note down a song

In this unit, you will learn how to write down a song without musical notation. I will show you different types of lead sheets and give you a few tips to help you write your own. We will also cover the structure of songs and I will explain chord symbols.

7) Popular chord sequences 1 – the three principle chords!

Is it possible to make a hit with only three chords? – Yes!!
Alicia Keys achieved a soul hit with the song “Empire State of mind” which manages with (admittedly “almost”) exclusively three chords. I take this song as an example to illustrate the three principle chords.

8) Popular chord sequences 2 – the turnaround principle

I will show you the turnaround principle, one of the most popular composition techniques in pop music. We also learn how to play chords in the left hand. I have selected the song “Just like a pill” (Pink) as an example.

9) Popular chord sequences 3 – continuation of the turnaround principle

Once you have worked through this lesson, you will be able to understand lots of songs much more easily, play them back and also write your own songs.

10) Workshop for the left hand 1

Here I will show you the necessary tricks to achieve a varied and individual accompanying technique.

11) Workshop for the left hand 2 – groove with your left hand!

After the ballads, it is now time for some more groove accompaniment. I will demonstrate this with the song “Ride like the wind” (Christopher Cross). Here we will also take a look at fast chord changes.

12) Workshop for the left hand 3

Here you will learn what else is possible with the left hand on the piano: for example, how to create a melodic bass line with transitions or an accompaniment only with the left hand.

13) Tetrachords 1

In this unit, we will enter new harmonic worlds. We will also learn a new time signature and an extended selection of chord symbols. As an example, I have selected the song “If I ain’t got you” (Alicia Keys).

14) Tetrachords 2

We will now take a look at inversions of tetrachords and sus chords as exemplified by the song “Easy” (Lionel Richie).

15) Other interesting chords

With the chords from the song “The way it is” (Bruce Hornsby), you will sound like a professional on the piano.

16) Licks

Here you will not only learn the licks which are necessary to make a song even more interesting, but also how you can think out and tastefully insert your very own licks.

17) Less is more! – ostinato figures

In the end, knowledge will triumph! This also applies to this course.
If too much is played in a song, things get boring pretty soon. With the help of ostinato figures, you have the chance of producing a great effect through modest means. In the example “Far away” (Nickelback), I will also show you how to adapt a song which does not originally contain a piano to be played on the piano.


In the “Specials” category, I will cover individual topics not included in the course content. These can be additional ideas or workshops based on course content. Here is a current video in which I demonstrate how to sit with a good posture at the piano and the correct position of your arms, fingers and feet.


If there is enough time, I will also make video tutorials with individual arrangements of my cover versions. These will additionally be freely available for all course participants.

What are the differences between the PopPianoCourse and a private teacher?

PopPianoCourse Private teacher
Prcie per month $24.70 up to $200
($50 / hour)
Package-Price $149.70 approx. $1,600
Learning with a professional maybe
Training period 8 months in the case of mediocre teachers several years
Lessons can be repeated infinitely *
Choose songs individually occasional
Contract commitment can be canceled monthly ** often yearly contracts
Piano lessons including popmusic very rarely
Learning fast and effectively depends on the teacher
Fixed lesson times
Traveling time to lessons
Paying through school vacations mostly
Lessons canceled because teacher is sick
Help with specific questions

*during the period of the product.
**not applicable for the complete package.

In this case, the course is not right for you:

For this reason, I would tend to dissuade you from taking the course if you do not have enough time at the moment to practice as you will only improve step by step with a sufficient number of practice days.

Your progress will also not be monitored. It is therefore up to you to decide whether you have understood the contents of each lesson properly, or whether you should go through the lesson one more time.

This is the price of the PopPianoCourse:

Currently you can order the course either in a subscription model or as a complete package.


Access to the members’ area of the PopPianoCourse for 8 months

  • a new lesson will be activated every 2 weeks
  • all videos are subtitled
    (German voice / English subs)
  • you can start with the first lesson immediately after purchase
  • the debit will be made every month in advance*


per month** (excl. VAT)

Single payment

Access to the members’ area of the PopPianoCourse for 8 months

  • you have immediate access to all lessons
  • all videos are subtitled
    (German voice / English subs)
  • you can start with the first lesson immediately after purchase
  • payment will be debited in a single amount at the beginning*


one-off payment (excl. VAT)

* Please note that the PopPianoCourse will not be quoted directly in the direct debit. Your credit card or bank statement will show a charge by ClickBank or CLKBANK*COM.
** The subscription can be canceled on a monthly basis!

I wish you a great fun with your playing and am looking forward to working with you!

Yours, Florian Mohr

Florian Mohr